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'Thank you so much for today and all the hours of work you put in to make the concert such a success. It was so lovely to hear Sing SWell sing, and so good for the children to know that music can be a hobby for life. From the smiles on your choir's faces it is obviously a very harmonious group in more ways than one. I really enjoyed all the songs, but in particular I loved watching the awe on the children's face during the Benedictus. Please say a massive thank you to everyone in your choir for inspiring the children and including us in this marvellous community event.


                          Amy Roberts, Head Teacher, Riversdale Primary School,                        who performed at our Annual Charity Concert, March 2016

'I have been in many choirs over the years and Sing Swell is one of my favourites because of the sheer variety of the music - from light classical to classic rock! There is a range of abilities for all 4 parts and the good number of regulars means that you're always in excellent company!'


                                                                      Kate Handley - choir member

'I last sang in a choir in my Primary School over 50 years ago! Since then I never had the confidence to join a choir but a friend was in Sing Swell and when I came to hear the choir perform at Christmas at Wimbledon Winter Wonderland I loved it so much I got 3 other friends together and we all joined the choir in January. I am loving every minute and always go home after rehearsals on Monday night with a spring in my step and a smile on my face!'


                                                                      Sandy Noble - choir member

'Amazing voices, amazing people - The memories of watching them light up a cold December night in Earlsfield still gives me goosebumps ! Already looking forward to next years event.'


                                                      Jon White - Earlsfield Charity Events                                     (charity supported by Sing SWell, Christmas 2015)

'Sing SWell it isn't just a choir, a small friendly community which anyone would love to belong to. Every performance is unique and fun. Always a pleasure and honour to join and play along with Sing SWell.'


                                                                       Janos Muranyi - drummer

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